Ugochi Oritsejolomisan created Bridge For Singles on January 16, 2020. It was birthed from her experience ministering to singles. She sees the pain, confusion, and lack of direction many single people battle and yielded herself to be used of God to help.
Her vision for this initiative is to create a network of single people who will love God with all they are and have. People who are driven by God, His word and His Kingdom, people who are passionate, focused and motivated to make impact in their world as they prepare for marriage; rather than put their lives on hold waiting to get married. In a bid to provide practical solutions to some of the challenges of the single phase of life, she authored the book; To Kiss or Not To Kiss in May of 2016 and has also published an E copy of the Book available on AMAZON and KOBO.
She wants single people everywhere to understand that marriage is a blessing, a gift from God. But she wants them to know that it is not an end and to stop seeing it as the sole purpose of their existence.
Ugochi resides with her family in Mississauga ON, Canada where she co-pastors The Love Pavilion with her husband. You can also find her at ugochi-jolomi.com where she writes on various topics on how to live the full life God has created us for.

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